Friday, August 17, 2012

What just happened

Its lunch time just ate my 250 calories salad, incl dressing. Still hungry, or maybe not, I know for sure its PMS. I was so craving chocolate. So I went to the cafe on the first floor. I was looking for something, I dont know what but something sweet. I looked at the pastries mmmmmmm, but not what I wanted. So I started looking at the chocolate, I mean that was what satisfy PMS always. But that wasnt it.
Next to the chocolate was a bowl of fruit. WTF are they kidding me, who wants fruit versus chocolate. My mind did... I mean my tummy was like give me chocolate, but my mind was saying do you know how many miles it would take to burn that chocolate.

DAMN DAMN DAMN..... I got an apple and a banana for later.... What happened to me :(


That corgi :) said...

Good for you for the choice you made!! It is hard to want to have chocolate especially during that time, so way to go that you resisted!! Few weeks ago we went down to the Ghiradelli store downtown and bought some of their chocolate (so over priced but so delicious). I found one of them a day was just the right amount of chocolate and sugar to help cravings. (but now we ate them all, LOL :)

supposed to be cooler next week, one can only hope!! In the meantime, have a great weekend and stay cool!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

So no go on the chocolate? Good for you! I hope that satisfied you enough. I hate those chocolate cravings when I'm trying to avoid that.

Today is one of those days for me right now... wish I had a BFF here or a safe place to go. I know that the Lord wants me to serve and that I am capable of helping others but dang if it doesn't wear on me that I feel alone here. I just had some email conversations with a former friend here who now wants nothing to do with me... it feels like more than I can handle and I feel tempted to drop off the map for a while, but I can't. Yet I know with God we can do all things. Wow, random rambling on this comment. Sorry. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

Emilio López said...

Good for you!! Hope all that effort for staying on the good track pays off!

Have a good week.


Ryan.Perry said...

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