Monday, January 23, 2012

Whats a gal to do??

Ok, this just sucks. What a way to start my Monday... TOM came, I didnt know til I made it to work. I didnt bring a thing. Usually I am well stocked for emergencies. But, I switched my purse a few weeks ago. I didnt stock my purse....CRAP,.. I use the restroom and sure enough they have a machine for supplies. Thank you sweet Jesus. I put my quarter in and NOTHING. What the heck.... I text my buddy who is on her way to work and she said she might have something.  The gift shop at work does have them, but it is a 10 minute outdoor walk, which is ok..but its fricking raining.. Good grief!   I should just go home crawl into bed and call it a day... No I wont, I dont do things like that. But heaven help me that sounds so good!

I will need to see if my buddy has something and then at 9:00 I will walk in the rain and go to the gift shop.
My day has to get better right?!!!!


That corgi :) said...

Yes it does have to get better! What a way to start the day indeed! Nice thing is it is supposed to be sunny and warm as the week goes on, that I'm looking forward to!


Maren said...

Ugh, I hate it when that happens. Hope your day got better :)

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Bummer... I hate it when this happens! Sorry. But you got this girl! You are no wimp and will sail on through and it can still be a great day! Or a decent day. Hang on girlfriend. :)