Monday, January 30, 2012

I have a confession to make.

When I posted this picture on the 20th. I had a hidden message in it. It only pertained to me and I wasnt really ready to talk about it.

On the 18th, a boy that my son went to school with from Kindergarten thru High School died. Once they started HS they each went their own way. My son met new friends via the Football sport. My son and daughter went to school from K- thru HS with the same group of kids. It is a neighborhood elementary/Jr High combined and then most moved on to to the same High school. So sometimes I still see these kids as the little ones that I remember back when.

Well, this young man chose a bad path to follow. He overdosed on the 18th. My son told me that he really had been on the wrong path all thru HS. I just didnt know. His service was Saturday. It has me stumped for some reason on how we decide which path to take and where it will lead us. His father posted on Facebook on the 18th that he just lost his only son.  I just sobbed, for but the Grace of God that could have been me.
PHOTO: Weighing the pros and cons in your mind can speed up and improve the decision making process.

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mira and deke's mommy said...

u instilled different values in us. we had a consious when we were faced with pressures of high school and knew the consequences while others' values werent the same... plus we lived a good ways away from all of our friends. we didnt have a bunch of classmates right next door. i think that had a good deal of impact.