Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hump day

Work has been absolutely crazy, working at an Academic Medial Center has so many issues that don't even pertain to patients. It is crazy, or I am crazy for being here since 1981. I have a buddy who does a lot of what I do and this am we talked and it sure helped to vent to each other.
I brought my egg white and bagel thins for breakfast. It was really good and will start me off just right. I am one of those peeps that believes in a good breakfast, on work days. Weekends I never eat breakfast, and I am fine...I would rather sleep than eat.

I only missed Monday on my 60 minute walk due to rain, but really because I left early. My head was killing me, or work was! Otherwise I have been walking each day, and each day the weather is getting warmer. So it is really nice.

In March my daughter has this little birthday(hers) vacation planned. We are going to hit LA and Hollywood and also do a paranormal tour on the Queen Mary and we are going to spend the night also on the Queen. Sounds fun and just what I need, a little get away. It is for about 4-5 days.

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That corgi :) said...

Your getaway in March sounds like a lot of fun! We honeymooned (years ago) aboard the Queen Mary. Work can be so stressful at times; I think healthcare is a very hard industry to work in! Good for you for getting your walks in; the weather has been absolutely gorgeous today and should be for a few more days I do hope!