Friday, January 6, 2012

Vacation time is amazing

The weather has been just brilliant really. 80-90 degrees and peaceful. I have enjoyed my time off and now I am sick. Of course, right in time for work. When we went to Seaworld there were a couple of people I was near, touristy type(no offense to them) who you could tell were sick. I remember walking by them and thinking "man I hope I dont get sick". Well I did, boo hiss hiss. But, I will be ok. I just made a pitcher of tea and I will take it easy from now until Monday. Yesterday, my son, daughter and I went to the Indian casino. It is the first time since they remodeled. It has a hotel, golf course and was beautiful. We were there 6 hours. It was fun, I didnt lose any money, my daughter kicked bootie and won and my son was winning, but lost it. LOL. But, it was fun, but for me, 6 hours is way too long.  The smoke just killed me. When we first got there, it was quiet and not crowded, so I didnt notice the smoke, but by evening it got very crowded and smokey. By the time we left, I was coughing my head off.

All the food in the food court was really low priced, almost Vegas low really.
My daughter and I went to the buffet there, it was amazing. They have it separated by category. Mexican, Italian, Mongolian, and Seafood and BBQ, sushi, desserts, salads bar, dim sum and so much more. I went straight to the seafood. I had the Salmon and shrimp. It was great. I loved the Salmon especially.
I love seafood, in fact I took some Cod out for dinner tonight. I think I will broil it and have a salad with it. YUM!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Sounds fun! Salmon is one of my all time favs. Yum!
Enjoy your cod.

That corgi :) said...

Sorry you got sick, doesn't that always happen? But at least you got to enjoy the majority of your vacation without being under the weather. The buffet sounded delicious! We haven't checked any of the casinos out down here (yet). Maybe soon, who knows!

Get plenty of rest, pump that vitamin C and fluids and try to enjoy the weekend!