Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mark my words!!!

I will lose this 10 lbs I gained over the holiday. I cant believe I let myself go like that. What a dope. I have been walking at lunch and power drinking the water. I am slowly getting back to my normal self controlled person. Wow, for a year, I was brilliant. Then came the holidays and bam!  I kept telling myself oh a little of this wont hurt, or last Christmas I didn't have anything bad so I deserve this... Ya right.

Today, I walked for 90 minutes straight as fast as my fat little legs could go. Tomorrow the kids have late school, they wont get home til 10pm or later. So, beside my lunch walk, I am going to the gym.

Its sucks, cause I feel just as fat now as I did 65 lbs ago. Thats what 10 lbs can do to you. All those times looking in the mirror and thinking wow, I am beginning to like the way I look, now 10 lbs later I look in the mirror and see that 300+ lb person again.

My pants feel tighter and I am back to being self-conscious again. This weekend I went shopping and bought a lot of veggies and chicken tenders. Tonight I am going to roast eggplant, zucchini, peppers, onions and brussel sprouts. YUMMMMMM. Of course, this will give me gas to no end. So the dog is going to have be by me so I can blame her. :)


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I ate way too much over the holidays too!

BUT... just jumping right back on. Don't beat yourself up... it is NOT like 65 pounds ago, just a bump in the road. Lesson learned.

You got this, girl!! :) Way to pick yourself up and keep going. :)


Maren said...

You can totally do this! Just do what you know works, and stick to it!