Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Doing very well on diet, weigh in is tonight. Its been very warm, which actually helps with drinking water and no-calorie drinks. Also helps with my (HMR) shakes. I blend them with flavorings and lots of ice. Yum. They are actually very good, like drinking an actual shake. (Yes I have a very good imagination). Any whoooo, things are going better than I ever could have imagined. Like I said tho, it sucks that I am so heavy that losing nearly 20lbs, nobody notices. Oh well. I pretty much have my daily menu set up .
Breakfast-Shake and cereal(their oatmeal)
Dinner- Entree
Sometimes I treat myself to a (HMR) snack bar.
And then water water water....(and pee, pee,pee)

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