Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday

Couldn't post for the last 4 days. On Thanksgiving I got a computer virus. Geez. Computer was down all weekend. Ended up just buying a new computer. Well, on weigh in, I lost 3 lbs. So I am down 27 lbs. On Thanksgiving I knew I was  going off the diet. I did have some cheese and crackers and Turkey and stuffing little of each and then filled my plate with roasted veggies. I did not have any dessert. I did not exercise per-se. I kept thinking I would go to the gym and I didnt. It was so frickin cold all weekend.(Remember, I am from So Cal so anything below 65' I need ugg boots.). I went shopping on Black Friday. I got up at 2am and went to Kohls for the 3:00 am opening. Man it was crazy. I entered at 3:00 finished shopping by 3:20 and then stayed in line til 5am to check out.  Well its back to lunch walks and tons of water and no cheating again. Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.

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