Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday and I was wondering

I was wondering why I didnt pick a better name for my blog. I mean I absolutely love Jack Sh*t and really enjoy Mrsfatass. I get a kick out the name Loser for Life or weigh in over my head.  I mean those are some really creative names. Of course mine is, Gracies' tough journey. (zzzzzzzzz boring). I guess it makes it a little more interesting that Gracie isnt really my name. But who cares. Man, I think I blew it with the name.

Ok, back to the blog, this weekend same ol' same ol'. I followed the diet, no cheating. But it was a crazy Saturday and I have to admit I am struggling. I fantasize about a Mc Donalds cheeseburger. How it feels and how it taste OMG. WTF is wrong with me, it should be getting easier. I would give my right nut for one, if I had those.  I am so scared to even taste something.

Saturday I babysat for my DD roommates little boy. We all know I adore that kid. But.... I had to get to their house by 6:20am. As it is, I have to get up for work at 5:10 am M-F so weekends I kinda like to sleep. Then my son went out with his buddies that night to our local University football game. Supposedly they were going to take the trolley. I texted my son, are you at the trolley station? His text we are on our way. (ok, my mommy antenna went up). I said are you on the trolley. I get a "ya" back. Ok, still doubting him but willing to take his word. That night, I get him some fast food (which smelled so good) and waited at the trolley. And lo and behold he comes popping out of his buddies convertible mustang smiling that sheepish grin. Grrrrr. He finally fessed that they drove to the stadium.  I told him, I would have been ok with that. Dont lie to me. If I catch you lying again, you will regret it. (What a putz) He said ok.  (Ya, I believe that).

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