Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well its Tuesday and its just a so-so day. It was really busy in the AM at work, because someone called in sick (again). I feel blue, not sure why. Maybe because I have been on this diet for nearly 5 weeks and I was really hoping to have lost more weight. I am down 21.5 lbs and weigh in is tomorrow. I have kicked everything up a notch, going to the gym and walking 20 minutes at lunch and doing 10 minutes of light weight exercise at home everyday. But the weight has certainly slowed down. I still have never cheated.
Dont get me wrong, I am pleased that I have lost weight, my clothes are getting baggy(nice) and I am wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear for a while. But I think its the holiday season has me down. I dont have my parents anymore and I miss them so much. My wonderful daughter moved out earlier this year and my son is going to graduate in June. I think I am just feeling a bit lonely. I also dont know what to do. Do you ever think that your life has passed you by, and that the best times of your life are already gone.

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