Friday, October 22, 2010


Ya its Friday and I am so happy (doing happy dance with my fingers).  I am not planning to do much this weekend. No working Football, its a away game. :).    Daughter is having a yard sale tomorrow, might go visit. Not sure yet. Offered to babysit her roomates little boy, on Sunday . That should be ok, he's such a sweet boy (5yrs).  Weighed today and down another 2 lbs. This will help me get thru the weekend.

I have a new pair of pants, that I am going to have to return for a smaller size. That is crazy.

I am so enjoying the month of October. Usually this is our fire month.  This time we are having a lot of cooler weather and rain. So no Firestorms yet. (Knocked on wood and said a little prayer of thanks). 
Also, there are so many scary shows on TV, I love scary shows. Especially, Ghost shows and Monsterquest  also Destination Truth. That Josh Gates is crazy and I also get a belly laugh watching him. I also bought two ghost books. I am obsessed with the paranormal. I have had so many actual experiences that it has made it my obsession to learn more about it.

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Lisa said...

congrats! :) wtg!

- Lisa