Thursday, October 21, 2010

Drum roll please.....

OK yesterday didn't start out to well, I tweaked my back looking for stuff in the garage for my daughters yard sale, so I missed work. Being at work is great for my diet, I am so busy  and the day flies by. Rare temptations so, its a good place for me to be. But, I did ok at home, kind of slept a lot with my back hurtin.

Went to the doctors last night for my weigh in and class. The weight loss for the week is.....(wait for it)....
12 pounds. Wahoooooo. The doctor said that was really good. But next week might be half. I said 6 pounds would make me happy too. :)

What motivation, as soon as my back feels better I feel like going to the gym.

I'm soo happy!

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