Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday and getting close

I start my weight loss program Wed eve. So Thursday I start. I wonder at times (fantasize really) what my future holds for me. My kids tell me how proud of me they are for doing this. Which is nice, but makes me wonder if I have been an embarrassment to them. They say no, but if I am to myself, I must be to them.  I read this wonderful website site, its very popular and I am glad I found it also. Jack Sh*t getting fit. He is a incredible inspirational writer. He is also frickin funny. I read his blog over and over to just get a laugh. This guy is awesome. Love his pictures, his followers are great too.  His poetry is just too funny. I actually print them and put them in my weight loss binder. 

On another note. Damn those Charges, how could they lose to the dreaded Raiders? Damn, Damn, Damn.

Hey do any of you have crazy neighbors. (As if anyone reads this, lol). I have this crazy neighbor, the 'cat woman". Now don't get me wrong, I like cats, even though I am terribly allergic to them. She has nearly 40 in her house. She never lets them out, except in the back yard. Can you imagine the smell in that house. She doesn't work, yet she always has a fed ex truck in front of her house delivering something. Her husband has to work his butt off to pay for all this crap. All she does is peek out her window at the neighbors and she also writes her blog. Which she is always complaining about the neighbors. Now let me explain, our neighborhood is really nice, very very quiet and some really nice people. None of us are real close, but we pretty much all get along. So this woman, is pretty much paranoid.  I hear that cat hoarders are usually a bit off. I guess that must be true.... Take care

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