Friday, October 15, 2010

One down and many more to go

OK, my first day done and gone and I passed it with flying colors, a few hunger pains and so many many trips to the bathroom. WOW. Water goes right thru you.   But, I do like the shakes and I think the hunger pains will subside, most likely they are mental. The actual food they supply looks really good. I did have one of their bars. It was really good. I don't think I needed it, but was really curious on how it tasted and yum.

Tonight, will have itS share of issues. I am going to work my sons HS football game with my daughter. It is always a blast, but exhausting and I am always starving when I'm done and so are the kids .  But no fear, I have a plan. I plan to bring a shake with me and have one left when I get home. Worst case scenario, I can heat up a meal replacement, hmm they look good.  Of course, I could come home and go to sleep. I do see that happening more then not. Hey, you can sleep thru hunger pains right?

Really missed my McDonald's Sugar free vanilla iced coffee. I have had that every AM before work. Yesterday was the first time I didn't. I cant have it on this diet.  Oh my, that was hard. I got a small diet Pepsi and that seemed to help. So who knows, this maybe the new drink for me. I don't usually drink soda's much and still wont. But in the am, I just need something, ya kno?

Hey, have a really great weekend and be safe.

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