Tuesday, October 19, 2010


OK, Monday night  come home from work and Husb and son decide to BBQ steaks with salad and tater tots. This is one of my favorites. We have rain so the house is closed up. So the smell just waifs through the house and this is the first time I actually became a bit cranky.  Man, I love tater tots.  It doesnt help that my son (17) has a cruel sense of humor and uses it on me.  (God love him)

But, never fear, I stuck with my shake and meal replacements. And it was tasty, it was turkey chili. 
Then, I watched TV and read a book. So I made it through. I am worried about the weigh in tomorrow. I hope I loose enough for me to say to myself, this is soo worth it. But no matter what it is worth it. (Ok, I am a bit split personality, I am a Gemini).

I have been reading a few weight loss blogs which can be a big inspiration. I love Jack Sh*T, his humor keeps me going. His website is a kick.  There are a few more. As soon, as I learn how to work this blog more, I am going to add them to my site as a link.

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