Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back to the doctors

I took my son back to the doctor yesterday. Sure enough his ear infections were not getting better, so she switched the antibiotics. I felt so bad for him, on the way home I asked him if he wanted me to pick something up for lunch. He said, no. I said, not even  in N out  it a yummy burger place here. He said, ok. He sure did light up with that. So, at in N out  there is always a line. They pretty much only sell burgers and fries. So of course he got the double double . I got a x-large diet coke. Man the smell nearly killed my diet. I told him, that I was going to drop him off at home and then I will go get the new prescription. I mentioned to him, to be sure he eats while I am gone...He did and he threw the trash out so there was no evidence. LOL

I ended up eating my salad, with the Lean Cuisine topping. Its good, its the new lean Cuisine thingy. I had the Southwest one. Definitely not a double double, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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Julie said...

I hope you "baby" gets better soon. I know about trying to make them feel better, no matter the age. Mine is 21 now and I get to have him home with me until Mother's day and then off to his new job and 3 weeks away....however he's in this state so if I want I can go and see him one of those Saturdays and visit.
You sound like you are doing aweseome on your diet and exercise. You go girl. That is wonderful. Keep it up and you'll be so much more healthy for this next doctor trip.
You haven't mentioned your brother so am still praying he's hanging in there and feeling human.
Stay strong Gracie, blessings my friend!