Wednesday, May 22, 2013


There is a strike at my work for a certain Union. I dont belong to a Union, since I am a supervisor. So I am at work. Today is suppose to be the last day of the strike.

Friday night, my daughter and her roommate and son and I went to the Padre game against the Nationals.
Great tickets, Field level near 1st base. They were free to us, a comp from a friend with connections. The day before, Strasburg pitched for the Nats, my daughter went to school with him from kindergarten to HS.
Another story there.

We sat behind 3 Marines, one was completed sloshed. He was a Nat fan. And of course as most snookered people, was a bit loud and obnoxious talking about the other team. Finally half way thru the game, my daughter was eating popcorn, I grabbed a few and threw them at his head. LOL... the girls all laughed, the Marines all laughed and after that we all became friends. It was a fun time. I did ask the drunk one who was driving home. Because base is an hour away for the Marines. He pointed to the furthest boy, who was only 20. He actually wasnt drinking so I  felt better.  We ended up losing, but it was a great game, with a tie in the 9th by the Padres, losing in the 10th.

Saturday and Sunday spent the weekend doing housework and swimming. Tomorrow I have Jury duty, I doubt they will put me on a case since usually they are dark on Friday and Monday is a holiday.

Walking has been really good I have kept up the 3 miles at lunch. I brought in a complete change of clothes for walking, then I change back into work clothes. Nice system.

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Val said...

Greetings, fellow tough-journeyer!
I, too, am starting down the primrose path of weight loss after many "do-overs". It was a nice distraction at my gym over lunchtime to see my Rangers hit a couple of homers! (of course, they'll likely fall apart later, it was only the 1st inning)