Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers day was nice

The weather has been murder here. 99 on Mothers day. Today its already 102. Yikes. So Sunday, I did some shopping, then laundry. Then I dusted and vacuumed. But, don't pity me.... then I jumped in the pool!!!!!
It was lovely, of course I had to share it with my 3 Labradors. But so worth it. The guys, did a BBQ, so they BBQ'd  T-Bones, of course what man doesn't BBQ beef. UG me man!!!!  But they also (for me) put some jumbo shrimp and lobster tails on the grill...: )  We also did corn on the cob. They got me a Ice cream cake for mother day from the Dairy Queen. But, I was so full that I didn't have any. They were a little pissy about that. But hey, seriously lobster vs ice cream cake. Lobster is always going to win everytime.

When I get home, it will be straight into the pool for me.

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Julie said...

Our Mothers day weather was cold and rainy. We still have ice on some of our lakes. Today our high was 48*. Now tomorrow it's suppose to be 90* and we will melt for sure. We haven't had anything that warm since last August, hope my fat melts.
Take care and have a blessed week.