Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm strange

Ok, I keep walking, actually it is helping with the mental issues. I was thinking my hernia was getting bigger, but it turns out my tummy is getting smaller. Hence the hernia just feels bigger. Did I tell you it feels so gross....

 I went to Costco the other day from work to get my egg white, Romaine, baby bells and carrots. I couldnt believe it, but my sister-in law(Pats wife) was there with  one of my nieces.  My Niece was in town (of course), she is a big wig in Chicago. She is this big activist for the disabled. Love her and dont get to see her much. But, it was really a huge surprise to see them. The other daughter was staying with Pat.  I was just talking to my SIL that afternoon to see how Pat was. I also wanted to tell her not to worry about us,(me and my other brothers). She was saying that she was feeling guilty that we couldnt come over to see Pat. Pat didnt want visitors. But, I told her we did say our good byes when Pat was his self and that would be how Pat would want us to remember him. Also, Pat should be with the ones he loves. I am not saying he doesnt love us, he does. But Pat married his soulmate. They have been together probably 45 years. They met young and that was it. Plus, he is only awake maybe minutes a day and he needs to be with her and the kids. We truly do understand.  When the end is imminent she will call us to be there at the very end.

Ok for the strange part. When I do have surgery, I will be off 4-5 weeks from work. I hope to be able to swim if possible, but at least rest by the pool. But, I was thinking it would be nice to have some books to read. So I ordered 50 shades of grey. LOL...I told my daughter and she couldnt believe it. I just laughed and told her I guess you didnt know your mom was a perv. LOL.. She just shook her head. I laughed and said you know damn well you will want to borrow those books when I am done.(She is 25 and her roommate is 27).  I know both of those chickies will want to read them. Heck at that age I know I would have by now had them read.  I dont know what has gotten into me...or maybe what hasnt.  hehe.....

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Julie said...

I read them, and will again one day soon. They were good!
You are doing awesome getting ready for your surgery.
I'm glad you are at peace with your brother needing his and his family space.
Take care Gracie. Hav a blessed evening!!