Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weather here at home is hot!

Well after working 7 days straight, I'm a bit pooped. Weekend before last, I worked at a walk/run charity event at Mission Bay. Drizzled all day. Saturday, I worked a lecture with the Neurologist and Neurosurgeons on Campus(La Jolla) cold as heck. Now the weather is in the 90's at home. Sunday I laid out by the pool. That was nice. My boy, has been super sick. I took him to the doctors on Friday, he has a URI, bilateral ear infections, bilateral pink eye and laryngitis. FRICK.  Today, I am leaving at lunch to take him back to the doctors, his ears still hurt. Still up all night coughing. My poor (20 yo) baby. I bought him some grape Popsicles to help his throat.  lol, I know I treat him like an 8 year old. But, when my kids are sick, they need their momma.....

My walking has been doing great. My daughter has started working out and eating healthy as a partner for me. She is doing great. She knows at times I struggle to put me first and she will text me and say "why didn't you log today on MFP". I laugh, but then go and put my daily food and workout on it. She is keeping me strong. She knows I really want to get lower before surgery in June.  I can be on facebook and she will send me an IM and say" so what are you having for dinner?" or" how was your walk". God I love her!

Heck I had some woman on my floor tell me I sure was looking good and could see the weight loss. At lot of people on my floor always see me walking at lunch. Its kind of funny, because they will see me and say "so how is the weather outside" since they know I was out in it. Or maybe they are just stalkers, who knows.

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