Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pathology report is in

The physician called me and the pathology report states benign. Thank you Lord.
Now my brothers tumor was reported 3x as benign then came back as inoperable cancer. But this is not my brothers tumor and I am holding faith that after the surgery it will still be all benign.

I feel like a new woman. The trial is over and the path report came back in my favor.  One thing I thought about while I was facing my mortality was how are my kids going to remember me. And all I could think about was the regret for not getting all my weight off and the kids remembering me as fat. I know they would remember the love I had for them, but when looking at picture they would see a fat mom. I feel like I have been given a second chance. I am going to run with it. I am changing my life as I know it. I am going to lose all the weight, I am going to become healthier and become a better person.
For the colonoscopy I pretty much couldnt eat for nearly 48 hrs and you know what it didnt kill me. Ironically I wasnt even hungry. I could drink my fluids and I survived. So, if I can do that, who knows what I can do when I set my mind to it. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

From the depths of my heart I cant thank you all enough. My friends Betty, Margene, Julie and my good friend Allan and all his followers . What truly kind people. They didnt even know me, but came and wished me well and sent prayers and positive thoughts. I am so touched by the kindness I received and am blessed with knowing some wonderful and good people. God Bless you all.


downsizers said...

What wonderful news. My prayers and the prayers of many others were answered as were yours. Something like this does put things in perspective I am sure. You have been given hope and the realization that life is what we make of it. Take care.

That corgi :) said...

Thank you Lord!! (so you still have to have surgery? They didn't remove it at the colonoscopy?) (you know the #1 report I seem to type/edit are colonoscopies). But that is great news that it is benign! Thank you Lord!!

I do believe your children will remember the "inner" you (your heart) kind of like how God looks at us, but I do believe it is a great thing to be concerned about your health (as we all should be) since we know the effects of being overweight, potential diabetes, hypertension, etc. I think you will get to your goal of a healthier body!!

So thankful you/daughter are spared from testifying. I hope the next few months are peaceful ones for you and yours!


Julie said...

Oh yes, the Lord does answer prayers the way we asked. Praises be!!!
I know that you can set your mind to goal and make it. I know you can and I'll be here to help along the way.
Also, your kids love matter what. They do. It's not the size or anything like that. It's the love you have inside you they will always remember but since you're not going anywhere's they'll have some good things to learn from you as you get happy, healthy and wise.
Take care Gracie. Blessings my friend!

Allan said...

SWEET ~~~~!!!
Just imagine, the crazy Jew from NY sent the love, and Boom... There it is... XXOOO awesome

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

YAY for second chances! I am SOOO excited to hear that news and to feel your energy and motivation!

I agree with Corgi about your kids remember the real you. My mom was heavy but I what I remember is her LOVE and KINDNESS and oh, how i miss her!! Getting healthy is a gift you give yourself so that you can enjoy your kids and grand kids for a nice LONG time and they can enjoy you. We both now how hard it is without our mom's here! That alone motivates me to be healthy and live longer! I don't want my kids to suffer the loss of their mother like I have.

What good news for you! I feel so thrilled. :) God is soo good!!

Much love & God Bless...

Enz said...

So thrilled for you.