Thursday, September 6, 2012


Well yesterday I ended up at my doctors for an ear infection. I was hoping thinking that since I had an infection they might want to not do the colonoscopy tomorrow on me. Aren't the anus and ear closely related.?

Well of course she laughed in my face and said DO IT!. Bitch.  Just kidding. She gave me antibiotic ear drops. Now I cant hear in one ear and I can't eat for two days. Hmmmm great. I stocked up on Iced tea and diet Pepsi and crystal light and yummy water. Today at 3:00 I have to take the poop maker and then again tomorrow at 7:00 am. I go in tomorrow at noon and then they sedate me.(Thank God) Not sure I could have controlled my reaction when the try to stick the tube up my bootie. I mean really no wine, cuddling or dinning first? Serioulsy I am not that kinda gal.

The medical group sends these recorded messages to my phone.. Get this damn test done. Of course they are much nicer. I go to my PCP, first question is not how are you, but when is your colonoscopy. Criminey. Ok, I do know I need it, but with my brother having inoperalable stomach/colon cancer it is stressful wondering what the results will be.

Oh well, I guess I will drop of a few lbs in the process. Well a few prayers wont hurt thats for sure.
I may sound like I'm laughing, but its the Xanax kicking in. : )

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