Friday, April 6, 2012


Well let me start out that I lost  5 lbs at my weight loss weigh in.

Wednesday, we went to see Chip Coffey (Psychic and Medium) . We left about 11:30 at night and driving home my daughter and I came up to this horrific car accident. It had just happened maybe 1-2 minutes earlier. There was a body in the freeway,and a lot of kids. We pulled over, I think we were the 2nd car that did. Some kids 15-17 yrs of age ran up to us and were in hysterics. My daughter was already on the phone to 911. We get out and I open the trunk to get the first aid kid and we grabs the flashlights. Our first thing to do was stop the traffic since it was was still smokey and dusty from the rollover. We didn't want cars to run over the boy in the road. Finally a couple of other cars stopped to help. Once they were there, I ran over to help the victims. Unfortunately for two it was apparent there was nothing I could do for them and the others were so hurt that my little first aid kit would do nothing for them. I tried to help the other kids in the other car who weren't hurt but were in hysterics and shock. They were just a group of kids coming home from a bonfire at the beach. We did the best we could, but it was such a horrific accident. It seems like forever before a police or paramedic came. About an hour or so later the CHP told us we could leave. We get to my car and the damn thing is dead. So I had to wait for AAA, unfortunately they had to come on the other side of the freeway since this one was closed. It took about another 30 plus minutes to come, but they jumped the battery and I could leave. But the whole time waiting, we had be there were those poor dead kids.  Two of the boys were DOA at the scene and three others were critical and I think the young girl is on life support.

I got home about 2 ish and my daughter and I both couldn't sleep. The memories just kept coming back. I get up a 6am and think maybe I can make it to work because sleep just wasn't happening. So I get up and my legs felt like jelly. I just couldn't do it.

Today I came to work as it will help keep my mind busy. What a horrible and sad, sad event for these poor kids.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Oh my gosh! I can't imagine such a horrific scene! That is so sad!! I hope that family can survive and find some peace and I hope you and your daughter can as well.

It's amazing to think that this is Easter weekend, what time to have a horrible loss, yet what a time to think of what Easter means as well.

I'll be praying for ya!


That corgi :) said...

Oh my gosh; I heard about this accident on the news; I am sorry about it all; the loss of young life and you and your daughter's involvement with it; but so glad that you guys could be there to do what you did, although I am sure this will stay with you for a long time. Talk about it often, write about it, seek help if you need to as you deal with it; I'm sure it is going to cause you a bit of posttraumatic disorder stuff down the line; hugs to you; take it easy with things this weekend.
WTG on the weight loss, which is so pale in comparison to what you are feeling right now, but WTG on it. Hang in there; email me if there is anything I can do to help you!!!

hugs to all!


Julie said...

Oh Gracie, I am so sorry for you and your daughter and the poor families. I will be praying for you all. If you need anything please e-mail me and I'll do what I can.
Take care Gracie, blessings to you and yours.