Monday, April 16, 2012

My pedometer

I was so excited to get one and then on weekends I dont even remember it. Sometimes I do and I dont even bother. Hmmm well I have it on today and went for my lovely walk. The weather is smashing. Beautiful temps and slight breeze and only going to get nicer I hear. Went to Walmart this weekend and bought a bunch of different Crystal lights, well actually I got Walmarts brand. I love them, I got the Mango Pineapple, Blueberry berry splash and Blueberry Acai.  I ended up spending 158 bucks at Walmart, I come home and the family said" I thought you went to get Crystal light".  Silly people, dont they know me by now?  But really, I was shocked at the amount. I really didnt get that much. Prices have gone through the roof. Ugh, I hate shopping.

My Dakota is doing great. She is still losing weight. The new dog food I got her, at the vets, sure makes her coat so soft and shiny. The dog food is expensive tho, 20lbs bag is 36.00. But, she loves it and it seems to love her. I need to find a dog food for the boys, maybe it will help them lose weight and get their coats all shiny. Right now they eat Iams. I use to think it was good for them, but apparently now there is new and improved dog foods out . I am sure it will be expensive also :(


Bluezy said...

I always thought crystal light to be pricey. I imagine the Walmart equivalent is reasonable. I buy Wylers at is like a food 4 less but better in the western states.

With all the walking you do, I imagine that using a pedometer really is not for a goal value, but just for curiosity. I was considering buying one...

Happy Spring!

That corgi :) said...

The weather is absolutely gorgeous indeed! Glad Dakota is doing great! Yep, the quality stuff is really expensive for them. Koda used to love a Dingo dog bone every Saturday; it was his treat. Found out they were made in China and things made in China with dogs, it is questionable what the "heck" youa re getting. And he was also having some tummy issues after them. So we had to find a substitute for him and of course what we found was a bit more expensive. But they are worth it :)

(I think.....)