Friday, April 20, 2012

It's worth a shot.

I just ordered this from Walmart.Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home - 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk . I had heard some good things about it, so I figured I could try it at home at night after work or weekends. It was under 10 bucks, so hey I am worth 10 bucks. Today after work I am meeting my daughter at the gym. She and her roomie are then going to the Rodeo in town. She  asked me if I wanted to go, but it is at 7pm. (Close to my bedtime, lol). So I sent her a text saying that I didnt want to steal all the hot cowboys way from you youngins, so I'll pass. he he. I crack myself up sometimes.

I took my Dakota to the Vet for her bi-weekly lab draw and while waiting I was talking to this lady who had her dog there for the same reason. She told me she gets her dogs meds from Wal-mart for 25 bucks. That is so much less than what I pay which is close to $75. So I left a message to the Vet to call in the brand that this lady uses to Wal-Mart. So I am hoping she will switch the brand for me.  I am sure she will. She is really nice. The needles were half the price also. Dakota' s level are still out of whack tho, so I need to increase in insulin. :(

Have a really wonderful weekend and be safe.


That corgi :) said...

I have heard that about WalMart with the insulin; we pay $60 at Rite Aid, $30 for syringes. Sorry it is still out of whack; I hope they get it stabilized! I have also heard great things about that walking program; it is definitely worth a shot indeed! Rodeos I think are for younger people; I'm sure your daughter/friend will enjoy it :)


Kelliann said...

Leslie Sansone has a GREAT program. You will really enjoy it!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Thank you Gracie, for you most sweet comment on my post today. Your words really touched me! It would be fabulous to meet someday! :)

I appreciate your kind heart and support. You've been an awesome blogger friend. Thank you.