Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nothing to it

Well had my pre-diet physical. Meet with a nurse, he was really nice. Got weighed (again ugh) and measured and had my before picture taken. I am so glad he didnt show it to me. We went over the program, it is a little confusing, but I'll catch on. Met with the director, pretty cut and dry, 15 minutes max.  Next move is the Oct 13 start date.

My poor kids are under the weather especially my DD, she sounds bad. My DS went to school, but I think he is next. I will stop by and visit my DD after work and check on her. Dang these cold.  Weather has been great lately, but should get into the triple digits this weekend (which is why we all are getting sick, cool-hot-cool-hot). Hate hate triple digit weather.  Still drinking the shakes and having a dinner, so far so good. Preparing myself for the real deal...

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