Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I wonder if I am afraid of failure or success. I know that sounds weird. But sometimes I wonder.  I don't know how to explain this except, sometimes, being overweight people pretty much ignore you. You kind of live in a sheltered life.  When thinner, people will start acknowledging you. You have to start opening yourself up to others and that can be kind of frightening. You have to let the wall down some, not all the way but some. I guess you also have to face yourself....

Well that was weird.  Ok, day two went much better than day one, I still was very hungry by dinner time, but ate better. Yesterday, I got a call from my medical health plan, they have approved the weight loss program. So I meet with the nurse today, for 1.5 hrs, then meet the doctor for 15 minutes. LOL.   Oh well, that's ok, I am heading in the right direction. I actual am excited about this, I hope I will learn a bit more about the program. Well I will let you know tomorrow how it went.

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