Sunday, September 19, 2010

A new start

Today is Sunday, and I cant believe it! No frickin football on TV, we were blacked out. Not enough tickets sold. I know this is a weight loss blog, but people, football is awesome.  On 10/13/10 I will start a Medically supervised weight loss program. It will be incredible hard, it will be a 10-12 week program, which will consist of mostly liquids. Yes you heard me liquids and not the good kind either. It will be supervised by actual doctors. I will see them every week for a complete check up and counseling. It will continue past the initial 10-12 weeks though.  I know that is about three weeks away. But I really have to mentally prepare myself. I am going to start out M-F having the drinks for breakfast and lunch, with a healthy dinner. Folks let me tell you I have over 100lbs to loose. I am not sure if anyone will ever read my blog, but I am going to use this as my journal to help me stay on track  It will not always be about weight loss but I have to admit I have a very odd family. Did I mention I suffer from depression? I guess that would be a given, being over weight will do that to you, but I have to admit I do have other reason. In time I will discuss them with you. I dont want this to be a boring or a depressing blog so I will try to keep it light and hopefully enjoyable, maybe even bring some humor to my crazy life.

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