Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday blues

Good news, we were able to find a website that televised the game..hehe, awesome. Best news we won. Well Mondays really do suck, I am starting my Liquid breakfast, snack,lunch deal. Then hope to have a healthy dinner. I need to remember to also drink plenty of water...God I hope our restroom here at work is stocked. I bet I will be in there more than my office. I must admit I still am having my MC D's SF vanilla iced coffee for am. I hope once I start the real program I wont have to give that up...uggg.  I keep reading the programs success stories to keep motivated. I also think of my kids, they have never, ever said anything about my weight. God bless them. But I know, deep down, they have to be embarrassed. Sheesh, I am embarrassed about myself..But they are so supportive of me, they always have been. I know all parents think that their kids are awesome, I do too. But they are also my best friends. They are older kids, not little, actually, they are adults. One thing I have noticed too, they are also very protective of me. When did things change?  I use to be the protector. Geez, it really sucks getting older.

Well lets get on with the day, drink my drinks and I will let you know how I did tomorrow. Take care.

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