Monday, April 22, 2013

Been working a lot ugh

Well, I have had  3 weekends I have had to work for special events related to work. But, the doctors has been so appreciative, they know how much I love tea and gave me a bag full of Starbucks teas. Initially when they brought in the gift, it was in a starbucks bag, I was dreading that it was something food related. But they know I am dieting and such and bless there hearts it was Tea. I really do have the BEST bosses ever.

I have lost only about 7-8 lbs,since February but my pants a real baggy. I just bought them Feb/13. My lunch walking is still doing good, infact one day last week, I was able to increase my 2 mile walk to 3 miles. Yippeeee. I hope I can do it again. It was like the stars and moon were aligned  But, I was pretty darn proud of myself and will try to do this at least once a week, then twice and so on... I am bound and determined to lose more weight before my surgery again in June.

I forgot to mention, my baggy pants may look stupid to some people, but I wear as a badge of courage.:)

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Julie said...

YEAH!!! You are doing aweomse Gracie. Truly awesome. And baggy pants really do feel great to wear cuz you earned them. It's also nice to go a size smaller too.
Take care and keep up the great work.
Blessings my friend!