Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh heck I forgot to tell you

On Mothers Day, nice weather, we BBQ ribs and chicken and corn. I made a salad and cut some of the roasted corn kernels into my salad and that was all I had, just the salad. But it was good! Yeah me.... Also.. I went to the gym to celebrate Mothers day. LOL.. It wasn't very crowded at all. I am sure everyone else were all celebrating. It was really nice. Today is weigh in, so I will see what happened. It kinda sucks, the last days at work I didnt get a lunch break, so no walking. But today, about 9:15am, I had to walk over to the hospital and I noticed it was getting a bit warm, so I called my assistant from the lobby and told her I was going to take my lunch now and go for a walk while it was quiet. So I did. : )


In Love With Sunflower said...

Belated Happy Mother's Day and I hope the weigh in would bring good vibes throughout the week...

I gained a couple of pounds too after a hormone was injected on on me for the removal of my uterine myoma to supposedly mimic menopause.

With the healthy lifestyle you have now and the regular visit to the gym, I'm sure you'll soon lose the unwanted pounds. Break a leg and God bless! Farida :)

That corgi :) said...

Good for you for taking your lunch early to get your walk in! Your Mother's Day menu sounded good! We were just talking about putting corn in salads when we make chef salads. Speaking of BBQ, have you been to Phil's BBQ in Point Loma? Very delicious (and they are opening one in Santee sometime soon).

hope the weigh in was a good one!

(I usually don't promote my blog, but stop by sometime Thursday; I'm posting a picture of me, first time I'm doing so :)


gracies tough journey said...

Wow Betty, I didnt know that Phils is opening in Santee. I need to get my boy to go apply for a job. Poor kid, trying to get a job while in College, and nobody is hiring. Yikes.