Thursday, May 17, 2012

New recipe

Shirataki with a kick. I decided since I had a lot of kale left I should use it. I made Kale chips, but I just dont like them. They  are crispy and salt, but too bitter. So I gave some kale to my cockatiels. Hope they like it.
So, I sauteed some onions and added kale. Then I added some veggie burger crumble. I wanted to add a can of stewed tomatoes but all I had was Rotel. So I said what the heck. Here it is.
The picture didnt turn out so well. But, for the entire plate is was 393 calories. But, it was way too much to eat. So it made two good size meals at 197 calories each. CRAZY


That corgi :) said...

That looks delicious! And so low calories! I can imagine half a portion would fill someone up. I never ate kale but son is into juicing (LOL) and uses it a lot for his veggie combinations.

the weekend is almost here!


In Love With Sunflower said...

Hello Ms Gracie :)

Yup, the food seems too much for a mere 393 calories! I think that's very healthy too... Good luck with your continued persistence. Take care, Farida :)

I am now a follower!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Lots of food for lower calories... Awesome! My hugs loves Zucchini chips. You slice the zucchini really thin and lightly spray with olive oil & salt and SLOW BAKE them at 200 for several hours. Much better than Kale Chips and very addictive!!!

Thank you Gracie for your comment on my post. I don't think anything is by coincidence either. I appreciate that we can relate to each other in so many areas. ((( Hugs ))) my friend! :)

Take care! and have a FAB weekend!