Monday, May 7, 2012

A little blue

Yep, I feel a little down in the dumps. I haven't blogged lately since nothing exciting has happened. I lost 1.5 lb at the weightloss clinic last week. That certainly didnt help my blues. I have been so faithful on the diet and kicking bootie on the exercise. In 5 weeks I have only lost 8.5 lbs. :( 

Maybe it is hormonal as TOM showed signs 3 weeks ago, but never came. So, I am 3 weeks late and feel like crude. My tummy is bloated and I am feeling really low and tired a lot. Sometimes I dont want to get out of bed. But of course that is on weekends. M-F, I am up before the crows. I did go to the gym yesterday and worked out. But the minute I get home... nada.

I went to Costco and bought a bunch of veggies since they now allow veggies on the diet. I love Brussel sprouts. So last night for dinner I cut up a bunch of Brussels, cauliflower, baby bells, carrots, onions, zucchini and roasted them with a bit of salt and pepper. So good, I had that for dinner and enough for tonight. Sweet.

The weather has been nice, I laid out by the pool for a bit. It was really nice, the dogs are all swimming and then, God love them, they come by me and shake the water off of them and then they request a butt scratch from me.
If you are ever attacked by a Labrador, just scratch their backs/butt  and you will OWN them.

Yep, I hope the blues go away soon.


That corgi :) said...

I hope they go away soon too Gracie! But 8.5 pounds in 5 weeks is a pretty good accomplishment, but I know you want it off quicker. Maybe if it is slower to come off, it will stay off. Yum on your veggie medley!!


mira and deke's mommy said...

i totally agree with betty! 8.5 is great! better than me... good job