Friday, July 8, 2011

Same ol same ol

Well, as hard as I try, my weight is not coming off. I am walking 50-60 minutes every day, even in this gosh awful heat and humidity. Doing an exercise workout in the pool, every night. And doing leg lifts and arms lifts as I watch TV at night. I am staying under 1200-1300 calories, minus the exercise calories. I am eating healthier, more grains and greens and high protein, chicken, fish. Drinking tons of fluid. Eating good, tracking everything I eat and drink and exercise. Ever since I had the surgery, weight loss has stalled, I think I am down, maybe 10-15 lbs since 3/1/11. That sucks. The only way is to drop the calories more. Yes, inches are definitely coming off and toning is there. But, the scale is a biotch to me. It gets very frustrating,at times I feel like why bother doing my walk in this frickin heat, nothing is moving. Yes, I am having another pity party for one (again) aaaaaaaaaaaagh. No, I wont stop walking and drinking and dieting and, and, and, everything. I have no choice but to keep trying. I am just half way to my goal and want it NOW.  God grant me patience please...................................................and hurry. :)

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MB said...

Keep the faith. The scale will catch up. Keep doing what you're doing if inches are coming off and you are getting more toned. It's working. The numbers will fluctuate. Don't get hung up on the numbers, they don't reflect the whole picture. Rock on!