Monday, July 11, 2011

Almost my vacation time

I am getting so excited, starting this Friday, I am off til 7/25.  This Friday, my daughter is taking her pup, the choc lab to the vet to get fixed. So, she is going to drop him off at the vet, then she is coming over to my place with her other dog, the yellow lab. We are going to spend the day in the pool. :). I am down another 1/2 lb. I am getting tired of this slow loss. But, I am going to kick it up this week. The weather is suppose to be cooler so I am going to kick up the walking. I am drinking more shakes and eating less food. My pants are getting pretty baggy but I don't think I am in a 14 yet. Sooooo, I am not going shopping yet.

Next week is Comic Con, so that should be fun. I will be down 70 lbs lighter than last year when I went, so it should be a lot easier on me this year. I am really excited to go now. I do suffer from panic attacks, actually so do my kids. But is with crowds. I hate crowds, but I will be just fine. Hope everyone of our STS homies are doing well and hanging in there. I hope you all are doing better than me... But don't worry, I am not giving up, I am actually getting stronger and more determined to beat this monster.


Amber said...

Enjoy your vacation!!!

downsizers said...

So you've taken the scenic route. It just means a slower loss but if you can live with it don't fret about the rate of loss. If you decide to really get serious, the weight will come off faster but you've got the time don't you? These behavior changes have to be permanent anyway so enjoy the trip!