Monday, February 25, 2013

My My times flies

Well, things have been going well. The weather has become just beautiful. My walks at lunch are so amazing. I have been doing well, getting motivate and improving day by day on my eating habits.

On another side, my tenants in a house near a canyon and lake had a sad mishap this weekend. She has a lovely little beagle. The beagle was the size of a cat though, really small. Well on Friday, the dog was in the backyard, about 4pm and a group of coyotes came and jumped the fence grabbed the dog. The woman grabbed a butcher knife and started chasing them. They did drop the dog, she had a few puncture wounds, But she went into shock. I went over the next afternoon,because I absolutely love this dog. Gave her some pain meds that I have for my  Ms Kitty. The dog have no real visible injuries. They ended up taking the dog to the vet and there was nothing they could do. I am not sure really what the injuries were, but she died Saturday night. I feel so bad. We are looking into new fencing, something higher so the wildlife cant get into the yard. See we have a chain linked fence. We hope to keep the view of the lakes. My daughter lives in our homes which is next door to them. She states that the coyotes have no fear what so ever.


That corgi :) said...

True about the coyotes, but such a sad story. When we lived in Murrieta, we never let Koda out alone, especially at night, and always with a stick in our hand since we had coyotes that would walk the perimeter of the fence day or night. Now we haven't seen too many except at a park we like to walk at, so that park is out.

glad to hear you are doing well otherwise! Can't fault this weather we are having!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

That is so sad!! It's awful to hear about animals or children suffering... stupid coyotes!

Its good to hear from you, though!! :)


Julie said...

We too have lost a few animals to the coyotes.
Thank you for stopping by. I am so very proud of Mike. He waited to decide what he wanted and then went for it. It wasn't easy being 1000 miles from home and there were tons of ups and downs but in a short 50 days he'll be done and doing what he wants.
He got a job offer in the field he wants, industrial/agricultural and John Deere to top it off. Plus the best part, he'll be 120 miles from home . . . only 2 1/2 hours from home. I can handle that.
Take care Gracie. You are doing so awesome. Blessings!!!