Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday and the sun is out

If it stays this way, it will make for a most wonderful walk at lunch. Well I made it thru and I had forgotten how fast the weekend passes by. Oh well, next week is a three day weekend. I thought the post office was going to stop it service on Saturday. Dang it. On Saturday in the post, I received a Jury duty notice. lol Great. Just back to work and this. Oh well, I came in early to work and postponed it to (Thursday) May 23. I was thinking that since it is usually dark on Friday and Monday is a holiday that they would not put me on any cases. (Yep, good thinking on my part).

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That corgi :) said...

LOL with jury duty; actually liked it when I got called about 18 months ago; got paid for 3 hours of time by my employer while I waited to see if I would get called for case and read a book during that time so it was good ;)

I was hoping I would be sequestered, but never got picked :(

heard it could be 70s by the weekend!