Monday, March 25, 2013

Where to begin

Well I received a call last night from one of my other brothers, I'll call him T. He said Pat and family stopped by since T's daughter is leaving for a vacation to Belize and wanted to see Pat. T said that Pat is still himself, still non stop talking. LOL, My Pat does love to talk and he talks fast and about anything. When he calls you, it takes about 5 minutes before you can even get one word in. I am seriously not joking. Its hilarious. T said that Pat actually has weeks, not months like we thought. It may even be shorter. He said Pat plans to stop by with the rest of the family also. His daughters flew into town and are going to be with him. He did say that Pat is only on liquids and that is being fed thru a IV. Pat told him he also wants to put his feet into the ocean one more time. T told me that Pat also told him, when the pain gets to much, he is going to stop the IV feedings and go on his own time. T told me that Pat doesnt want people(me) to get emotional, just visit with him. I am going to do this for him.But, the moment he leaves I will break down, that is how I am. I asked God this morning to give me the strength to be strong, and the words to say to help him. I wanted to ask him to help me thru the pain, but that seemed rather selfish, so I didnt. I guess I will need my blog friends for that.

I have to say that is really hard to come to work and act like my life isnt in shambles. But I do.


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Jillian said...

I don't think it's ever selfish to ask whatever power it is that you believe in to help you with your own emotional pain. Pray for your brother, pray for yourself, and pray for the rest of your family. I'll send out my own kind of prayers, asking that the rest of his time here is peaceful and painless.

Jo said...

My husband chose no more treatment, also. It would probably make your brother happy if you would tell him you support his decision. This doesn't necessarily mean you agree with it. It would probably give him some peace.

Julie said...

You ask what you want from the Lord. He will listen and dish out what he knows you will need.
I agree with Jo, support your brother. It might not be what you would choose for him but it's what he wants.
Hug him, laugh with him, just be close to him. Hold his hand, smell his smell and love him.
I can't imagineall your pain Gracie but I can offer you my help, prayers and a shoulder to lean on. Though I'm here and you are there I will be here for you.
Take care Gracie. Blessings!!