Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 A new Year!

Well I must say I am glad 2012 is gone. A really rough year. But I see a glimmer of hope and joy in 2013(fingers crossed). Working this week, not officially though. I actually wont be back til Feb 1. But, its nice to be back and get caught up. The docs were really glad to see me. That is so neat. They are great bosses.

The weather has really been nice. Its should get in the 70's. Celebrated my son's 20th birthday on New Years. Next year he'll be 21. Yikes, it Las Vegas time again. He laughs that he is going for sure, but with his buddy not his mommy. LOL (Ya, he cant keep thinking that, this ole momma is definitely going) :)

Monday is time for the old mammogram-squish....Hate it, but it must be done.

I hope everyone is doing well and life is treating them well. I certainly thought of you all. But I needed time for myself to heal physically and mentally.


That corgi :) said...

Happy New Year Gracie!! May this be a healthier and peaceful new one!!

I for one am glad its warming up a bit here (we are so spoiled aren't we?)

Too funny about your son wanting to go to Las Vegas for his 21st. I think it is almost a rite of passage here (and you can just conveniently be there yourself if he chooses to just go with his friend :)


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Hi Gracie!
Happy New Year!! So glad you're on the mend and taking time to heal and all that exciting stuff. Congrats on your son! I have a son who will turn 21 at the end of November this year... we have a lot in common.

Here's to an amazing new year full of anything we put our minds to do!!

Much love,